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North Penn Nanotechnology Program in the design stage
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24 February 2005
03 March 2005
Engineering Students Tour Drexel University
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The North Penn Engineering Academy Goes Nano!

The students in the Senior Design course of the Engineering Academy at North Penn High School will study the emerging field of nanotechnology as a unit to develop research and documentation skills.  To help prepare these students for the challenges that the senior design course will offer them, this introduction to research and nanotechnology unit has been developed.
The students will be grouped into teams of three.  Their ultimate goal will be to use a process called electrospinning to create their own nanofibers that have an average diameter that is less than 300 nanometers.  Each team will be given a specific polymer to research.  They will need to find all of the chemical properties of the polymer, the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for their polymer to identify how to store, measure, and blend the polymer into its solution.  Engineering documentation, web-based proposal development, a study of the societal impacts of nanotechnology, properties of polymeric materials, chemistry and physics in the materials environment, and the use of high level instrumentation at Drexel University is all a part of the proposed activity. 
This activity is like no other at the high school level.  Applying the knowledge of nanoscience and nanotechnology to engineering education within the Engineering Academy at North Penn High School through the use of higher level mathematics, statistical analysis, physics (quantum vs. Newtonian), chemistry and formal research are the goals of N.E.A.R. (Nanotechnology Exploration And Research).  Through the rigorous research process, students will learn to analyze, quantify, and assess their data while at the same time they will prepare themselves for the rigors of college life and the world of work.

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